VIRTUAL FESTIVAL “womxn from arts to engeneering” (online)

Am 6. Oktober 2022 präsentierten Ute Liepold und Stephanie Sihler den Verein Visible auf Einladung von Christina Völlmecke beim WAE Festival. WAEs Ziel ist es transdisziplinäre Kooperationen zwischen Künstlerinnen, Wissenschaftlerinnen und Expertinnen aus unterschiedlichen technischen Bereichen anzuregen und zu fördern.

Global challenges require rethinking and courage for previously unimagined, multi and cross-disciplinary cooperation. Merging the creative talent and energy of arts with the technical expertise of engineers and scientists may aid illuminating paths to an equitable future.

Therefore, the event will unite experts from arts to engineering for a two day virtual festival with an inspiring agenda of invited speakers (all-female) and panelists. WÆ represents the collective we resulting from the fusion of knowledge gained by Womxn from arts and engineering. WÆ’s overall mission is to create a platform for the open, cooperative and unbiased exchange of ideas for solving tech challenges with innovation and style and vice versa.